Dear friends, volunteers and partners,

We hope you read the great article Lynne Lavery wrote on our project in the Pontiac Journal, Feb 17 edition. Thanks so much Lynne, it brought us a mechanic and 2 excellent volunteers.

We now have a registered website :   Carol-Anne from the accountant agency in Shawville is helping us with it.

Thanks  also to Desiree Giroux who has now made a beautiful Facebook site for us  jamboreePPJ.

***Please join us and like us!

We have received our first substantial funding of $1,000 from Loisir and Sport Outaouais; hopefully we will receive positive news soon from Canada 150 Fund.  Also several Pontiac municipalities have pledged $300  and $500.

We will be in the new Pontiac Tourism Map. 10,000 copies will be printed soon and available for all the tourists coming to the Pontiac.

Jesse Shutt, a semi-professional bike rider, will be our Mechanic and First Aid Worker for all the events, and bring friends/family to assist. Also he will give the 2 workshops planned for 22 April and 7 August on How to Fix Your Bike and Change a Tire.

The Patro and Maison des Jeunes will be assisting with their van, buses and trailers to help participants who will do 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 km if they need to be brought back to the departure point.  They will also provide some bikes for participants to use! So no excuses!

Also La Salle will providing buses to pick up and bring participants to the departure point and back.

Pontiac en Forme will train volunteers to do animation with the kids at the departure and arrival points of each tour, and they will provide all the games and material!

We have not yet received the results of the logo contest in the primary schools of Scolaire Haute-du-Bois.

Next week we will visit the secondary school of Scolaire Haute-du-Bois for a presentation to the teachers and kids who want to participate on the tours and also in the organisation of the tours.

We have created several teams in the school :

Team Brochure (create text about art, culture, nature and historical sights along the tours),

Team «Be in Shape »

Team Animation (being trained by Pontiac en Forme)

Team Fund-raising – doing a breakfast in the spring

Team Promotion for publicity

Team Organisation – helping with the passports.

West Quebec primary school board –  thanks to Jason Lariviere, I met principal Lorianne Bertrand.  Next week I will give a presentation to the teachers and kids from grade 3 and up, to find volunteers and participants.

No news from Western Quebec School high school board.  I did have for a while a nice contact with Ms Hopkins, but after talking to her principal I did not hear anything further.  ***Is anyone able to help with this?

The Police will be present to help on each tour by car and by bike (except if there is an emergency).

We are in process of getting approval from the MTQ to drive with big groups of people on the public roads.  We need insurance which is being arranged by Promutuel.

We are still working on getting funding.   The next application will be to the MRC Culture Fund.

Wednesday March 15th we will visit Campagne été from Loisir et Sport in Spruce Holm Inn in Fort-Coulogne to promote our tours.

That day we will also recruit volunteers from Transportaction Pontiac who will be driving all over the Pontiac to get people to departure points and at the end of the tours to bring the participants back.

On Tuesday 21 March we will give a presentation about the Jamboree to all the Mayors at the MRC.  Please send your positive vibes on that day for us to get more financial support!

We will be joining the Québec Athletes & Vélo Québec organisation thanks to Chakib Achmimed.

***We will be sending a sponsor/vendor letter out soon to you.  Please forward to anyone you know who may be interested.

***Please help us decide where we will do our full moon tour, you can vote on our facebook site, jamboreePPJ, either Fort-Coulogne or Shawville.

***Whenever you feel the urge to do a bit of volunteer work in the organisation or just for a day, just let us know!

***Also we warmly invite you to become a Member of Les Ami(e)s du Cycloparc PPJ.  Again please contact .


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